Bro. Meshach McBorrough, Fall ’18, Neema

CROSSING DATE: 11/12/2018 (Fall 18)

DEGREE(S): Public Health & Social Welfare 

Why Alpha? Growing up with only girls, Alpha gave me the brothers and the fight bind with like minded black men that I always wanted. 

Your greatest achievements?  My greatest achievement would have to be starting my NGO in my home country to assist young Liberians in getting access to four year university education

What is your most proud moment in AE? Creating one of the best BWA program that had one of the largest turnouts from the campus.

Which AE Brother have you stayed in contact with? From 2007- Present

Who would you like to reconnect with? More with seasoned AE (1900’s)

What does AE mean to you? AE is a home I can always feel safe in. 

What did you love most about AE? The amount of brotherhood we show each other and how we are always there for each other.

Are you active in Alpha today? Yes

What is your occupation? Student

What would you like to see at our AE100 Reunion? The bringing back of the brotherhood brunch  program

What would you say to AE brothers of the future? Never stop trying to achieve excellence.

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